Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Problem with Sequals

We were driving home from seeing "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", and Jae said, "That's what the Bible is missing, centaurs."

I pointed out that the Bible does have pillars of fire and flying chariots and such. We started musing about Bible story movies done by Peter Jackson, and we were like, "It'd have to be Old Testament, of course." Then Jae says, "The New Testament has the same problems as all sequals."

I laughed for a long time.


AnnieBgood said...


How did you like the movie?

Josh Gentry said...

Liked it. It was what we expected. In what it depicted, it was pretty true to the book. Predictably, they left out a lot of the quieter stuff, kept in the big drama, and expanded the battle scene.

I thought the kids playing Lucy and Edmund were great. The two older kids were beautiful but not such great actors.

The White Witch is one of my favorite villians, and I was thrilled when I heard Tilda Swinton was cast. She didn't disappoint.

AnnieBgood said...

I agree on pretty much everything. I was a big fan of the movie. It comes out on DVD April 4th. I am thinking of pre-ordering it. They are going to make prince caspian a movie as well.

Josh Gentry said...

Anna, have you seen "Constantine". Thought it would be dumb eye candy, turned out to not be great eye candy, but better than expected. Anyway, Tilda Swinton steals the show as the angel, Gabriel.

AnnieBgood said...

I haven't seen it - But, it is now on the netflix queue.

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