Saturday, April 22, 2006

Amazing Grace

Jae and I were discussing what to us are the greatest pieces of music, and we agreed "Amazing Grace" is in the top echelon. Jae mentioned that it had been written by a slave trader. If I had heard that before, I had forgotten. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the song.

We have a cassette with the famous Judy Collins rendition, which is hard to beat. Among my farvorite reditions is one taped for me by my sister Anna, I think it a tape she sent me back when I was in college. Maybe it was little later than that. Anyway, its a favorite version.

Do you have a favorite rendition of "Amazing Grace"? What is it?


Cool Hand Luke said...

Not sure if it is my favorite, but the most interesting is the Blind Boys of Alabama doing it to the tune of House of the Rising Sun.

Matt Dick said...

It's always been Judy Collins for me.

wilablog said...

I like that BBOA version. I also have a version with Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon that is pretty darn amazing.

AnnieBgood said...

I'm flattered. :)

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