Thursday, October 26, 2006

Linear and non-linear thinkers

We have a new neighbor. Well, there is a new owner of the house to the south of us. He's going to be renting it. In the last year or two we've tried to be more neighborly, so we invited Bob over for dinner. Jae made a tasty dish of black beans and rice, and he brought a bottle of wine. We had a nice meal and a nice time.

Bob was talking about linear and non-linear thinkers. He's a little bitter at what he regards as a bias towards linear thinkers. The ability to focus on something and follow it through to completion is valued over creativity. Jae and I kept looking at each other amusedly. I'm linear and she' s not. As an example, Saturday night is date night. When date night rolls around each week, we ask each other, "What do you want to do tonight?" My answers are things like go see a movie, go to a bookstore, maybe miniature golf or play a game at home. Jae's most recent idea was to oil ourselves up and wrestle while blasting ABBA.


matt dick said...

So... what did you do?


Josh Gentry said...

THat would be telling ;-)

matt dick said...

And *that* would be an answer.


Josh Gentry said...

If you say so.

By the way, I think this comment works as a comment for the 6 word story post.

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