Saturday, November 25, 2006

"The Boat"

This summer I talked frequently about our new porch. This is a picture of it at night. One of its great features is a light. We spent most summer nights out there, reading or playing scrabble or dozing. It has a roof and we enjoyed being under there in the rain. We refer to it as "the boat", because it was so relaxing that it reminded us of lying on lawn chairs on a houseboat.


Matt said...

Where is this on your house? I am having trouble figuring out where it is.


Josh Gentry said...

Matt, do you remember the back yard? There is the back of the house and the patio off the back door? Then to one side is an outbuilding. It was originally a free standing garage. It became Jae's studio. The boat is at the back of the studio.

Matt said...

okay, I wondered if it was not against the house since I couldn't see how one could get that perspective on a porch without it being off the front, and I was doubting that you were dozing on a front porch.


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