Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Bag for Buddha

Jae was at the Family Dollar buying tape or something, and in the checkout aisle, in the impulse buy section, they had several small platic Buddhas. For being a plastic Buddha, she thought it was pretty nice, and decided to get one. When she was checking out, the checkout person asked gravely, "Would you like a bag for Buddha?"

Canyon of the Moon

Perched on the dark side of the canyon,
I watch as the moon stretches
its pale and subtle hand to the opposite wall,
distant call of stone to stone,
and only the wild things and I to know,
canyon of the moon.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Contributed 6 word story

Beth wrote a six word story about my most recent adventure in plumbing, which she emailed me. It's got to be posted here.

Repairs $150 before Josh, $300 after.

Yea, Josh

It's my birthday today. I usually kind of brush it off that its my birthday, but today I'm celebrating. I took the day off from work. Slept late, spent several hours at the coffee shop. Now I'm going to do a little work on a side thing I do to make a little extra cash. Or I might do some leisurely yard work before the sun goes down. Jae scolded me a little when I said I was going to do some of those productive things. She wanted to make sure I had a nice day. Well, I am. Today is about being glad that I'm here, and it's also about celebrating reasons to be here. A wonderful wife and a little patch of the world to take care of. Thank you, Jae, for being my partner.

I wouldn't have the opportunity to have the good things I have if I hadn't been born on this day, back in 1971. Thanks to my parents, for that.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Page out of the notebook III

There was a time
I was more worried
about not being trite
than about being happy.
It was called

A candycane for Buddha.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wildcard II

Click on the label for this post to see an earlier post about the amusingness of Babs. Just by being Babs, he is one of the most amusing people I have been around. I don't tell him this, and hopefully he never reads my blog, or I'll never hear the end. Anyway, today I over hear from him:

I had a dream that I met a Genii and I wished that I could pee coffee.