Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yea, Josh

It's my birthday today. I usually kind of brush it off that its my birthday, but today I'm celebrating. I took the day off from work. Slept late, spent several hours at the coffee shop. Now I'm going to do a little work on a side thing I do to make a little extra cash. Or I might do some leisurely yard work before the sun goes down. Jae scolded me a little when I said I was going to do some of those productive things. She wanted to make sure I had a nice day. Well, I am. Today is about being glad that I'm here, and it's also about celebrating reasons to be here. A wonderful wife and a little patch of the world to take care of. Thank you, Jae, for being my partner.

I wouldn't have the opportunity to have the good things I have if I hadn't been born on this day, back in 1971. Thanks to my parents, for that.

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