Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Daniel Abraham Interview

Daniel is a friend of ours. He is a writer, with one novel on the shelves and another out this summer. This is a good interview of him.

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JimII said...

That is a good interview. It seems really honest. I appreciated the fact that he talked about some point in the plot that he thought he'd clearly developed but everyone on Amazon was confused by it. It must be like getting a grade from school or something to read reviews like that.

I am also happy to see that other parents are baffled by the hobbies question.

Josh Gentry said...

Cool. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested enough to read it.

Luke said...

People should read his book too. It is cool to read an author that you know, and the first book in the quartet was a really enjoyable fantasy read. The interview just makes him seem all that much more real and likable, so I'll have to continue the serious.

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