Sunday, June 08, 2008

8 weeks old

Filmed on Friday when he was 8 weeks old.


Anonymous said...

James is such a cutie - he always seems so happy in your clips. I am sure that is not how he is always. But I have enjoyed watching him and seeing how he changes. It is refreshing to see fatherly pride. I expect motherly love and pride (which I should not expect but it is so much more prevalent), but fatherly love is sometimes not as obvious as what I see from you and Luke. But when I think of your father, I can see where you both get your openness and outward pouring of love.
Anyway-Josh and Jae your son is adorable! Thanks for sharing him with me!
Jill O

Josh said...

Thank you for the very sweet words, Jill. I think you are right, we get it from the example of our father.

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