Friday, August 21, 2009

Home Guard

Home Guard, originally uploaded by Josh Gentry.

I published this one to Facebook with the title, My Hero. On my Flickr stream its titled, Home Guard. She is those things, and more. In many ways we've become adults together. She's got my back. I've got hers. In her transition to the role of Home Maker, she amazes me.

Occasionally I publish something on Flickr that I feel might be "too sexy" for my blog. If you click on this picture it'll take you to my Flickr stream, and there are two more pictures of Jae with sword. I like them, but they fall in that category. Your call.


shadowfax said...

I liked them all, and didn't find any of them over the line -- all quite tasteful, I think.

Josh Gentry said...

Thanks, Liam. I agree they are all tasteful. Just more skin than I thought some might be comfortable with.