Sunday, February 04, 2007


Going snowshoeing later today, after it warms up a bit. These are my snowshoes, which Jae's parents got for me a couple Christmases ago. We usually try and go on a weekday, because you'll see almost no one, but monday is Jae's birthday. I'm hoping the Superbowl will thin the crowd.

The shoes

This is the area I'll be snowshoeing in, up at Sandia Crest.

Sandias in Winter


AnnieBgood said...

Sweet! I hope you have a great time. I have wanted to go snowshoeing since I watched the "little house on the prairie" christmas special/movie and they had a pair (though obviously not as high tech as yours).

Matt said...

I didn't know "snowshoe" could be a verb.

So do you snowshoe on a track, like skiing? I guess I would have figured one snowshoed (snowshod?) just in untamed wilderness given that you're not moving fast enough to worry about hitting a tree. Do tell.


Josh Gentry said...

Anna, that's a funny reason for wanting to go snowshoeing :-)

Matt, it depends on what you want to do, where you are, and how good a shape you are in. I've been snowshoeing where there was no trail, I've been when we stayed almost entirely on the packed snow trail. This weekend was about 50/50. Off trail is a blast, and very hard work.On trail is much like regular hiking, but you walk a little funny and have this weight on your feet.

I'm writing up a post that is an account of the last trip.

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