Friday, March 02, 2007

Word problems

Jae and I are taking a very basic algebra class at Central New Mexico Community College. Early in the course, we reached the first word problems in the text book. The teacher was going over the first one thoroughly in class. The word problem was about making bicycles, and producing a table that showed how many tires you needed to order if you were making x bicycles.

Jae and I have been enjoying passing notes to each other in class. Makes us feel young, I guess. Jae passed me a note that said:

For each bicycle, how many pairs of tight lycra pants do you need?
I made the problem more complex and passed it back:

If you have 100 bicylces, and 20 of the riders each have a nice ass, how many pairs of baggy shorts do you need?

I can see a whole passtime of writing amusing word problems.

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