Saturday, June 23, 2007

Revival of the American sports car?

I'm not a big car guy, but recently I've noticed a return to cool for the venerable American sports cars. They look like muscle cars again.

The Shelby Mustang:

The Dodge Charger:

The Camero:

The Trans-Am

The Corvette:

My dream sports car is a Corvette Stingray of the 1960's, say 1967.


Matt Dick said...

I like the Mustang and Camaro best. Tranz Am is as uninteresting to me now as it was in my youth. The Corvette has gotten downright ordinary compared to how fantastic it was 25 years ago.

Kyle said...

There's hope for the Stingray, too.

Josh said...

Matt, I agree about the Mustang and the Camero, though I haven't seen any of those Camero's on the street and I'm seeing a lot of the Charger.

I also always found the TransAm the least interesting, but lots of people seemed to like it.

I thought the new Corvette was pretty OK. It's true it doesn't live up to the Corvette of the 60's, but that was some kind of peak.

Wow, Kyle, there is hope for the Stingray. I hadn't seen that. Sweet.

Jill O said...

I love the Camaro, although I am partial to them given that my Dad had a 67 and 68. We drove a Charger for a week in Seattle and weren't overly thrilled. But the Shelby, now that is car! Someday, our 3rd car! :) A friend of mine was on the project for the prototype of the Shelby and met Carroll Shelby. Sweet!

JimII said...

The Chargers are what made me notice this trend. I've started seeing the Mustangs around to.

I very much approve.

Luke said...

I love the late 60s Camaros.

Jack Christopher said...

When you look at what they've done with the new Blue Devil Corvette, I wouldn't necessarily say that the height of the Corvette's best years was in the 60s. They've still got some pretty fantastic tricks up their sleeve. I like the new GT Mustang but it just doesn't compare performance wise to the Vette either.

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