Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bus stop still life 1

Bus stop still life 1, originally uploaded by Josh Gentry.

One of the changes that has accompanied James' birth, is that I'm riding the bus to work. This cuts even more into the schedule, but I determined to turn it in my favor. I started carrying my camera bag to work instead of my book bag. Now bus time is photo time.

Another positive note, I'm doing some experimenting. I never would have arranged this picture if I wasn't working within the time constraints and working to see what I could find at the bus stop.

Also, I'm trying some different film. All the color stuff I've shot to date was Kodak Gold. It's the color film you find anywhere they sell film. Nothing wrong with it, takes some nice pictures. But its fun to see the differences when you use something different. This is Fuji.

Yashica FX-3 Super 2000
Yashica lens 50 mm f/1:1.9
Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H
Walgreens scan

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