Friday, September 26, 2008

Toni is back

Counter Comrade, originally uploaded by Josh Gentry.


Toni got out of the hospital Wednesday and was at Jeri's today. She's not supposed to be out of bed, but she's not much of a rule follower. I chatted with her for almost an hour, while she sat in the same spot as in this picture. She's in better spirits than I would be, or she's faking it well. She has dialysis every other day, and an appointment in November to talk about a transplant.

She liked the, "I'm not dead yet" T-shirt I got her.


I blogged this photo recently, and a little info on the subject, Toni. On Sunday both of Toni's kidneys were removed because of infection. They didn't expect her to survive the surgery. Her mother told me that her first words out of surgery were, "Not dead yet."

I visited her in the ICU today. That was hard. But she was able to have a conversation and smile a couple times. She asked me how Jae and James where, and how my weekend was. She is very brave. Keep fighting, champ.


James Parsons said...

Holy crap.

I presume she's awaiting an emergency transplant, yeah? Man, I hope she comes through. She sounds like one tough cookie.

Luke said...

Hooray for Toni. I'm thrilled to hear that she is doing better.

Josh Gentry said...


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