Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breakfast in bed? No way!

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday morning I didn't want to get up. I had pulled the covers over my head and I was procrastinating, counting down the minutes in my head till the last moment I thought I could get up and make it to work on time. The only thing keeping me conscious was the smell of coffee wafting in from the kitchen.

I had about reached the point-of-no-on-time, when Jae walked into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.

"Oh, I love you," I moaned, and propped myself up in bed so I could drink it. After she handed me the cup, Jae got a beach towel and covered my reclining form with it.

"OK, I could spill it," I thought to myself, as I watched her silently leave the room again. I was savoring the first swallow of coffee when she walked back in carrying a plate.

"No way," I cried out, as she rested on my lap a plate with scrambled eggs, toast, and orange slices. She smiled and left me to my breakfast.

As I was finishing up. she walked back into the room and asked, "Do want a ride to work, today?" Oh, I love this woman.

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