Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learning to fly

Learning to fly, originally uploaded by Josh Gentry.

Yashica FX-3 Super 2000
Yashica lens 50 mm f/1:1.9
Kodak BW 400 CN
Walgreens scan,

Levels manipulated in GIMP


James Parsons said...

My $.02 - this one and the last with the straw both have the same drawback. the object (straw/feather) is not prominent enough to provide a visual anchor to the shot. Any metaphorical import the object is meant to convey (and I must admit that I'm not certain there is any metaphor of interest or intent) is lost in the sea of background as well.

You went through several posts of portraits that were quite awesome, and I think you've gotten the hang of exposures and focus for the most part, but I think your abstract still lifes are still a little uncertain in what they're "about," which I think stems maybe from not having a clear sense of what they're "of." If it makes any sense they difference between the two.

Josh Gentry said...

I think you are right about "anchoring." They aren't about anything but value and texture pattern. This was the successful one. The feather in that picture works as the center of interest that the others are lacking. The straw just didn't work, though I had the right idea with that picture.

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