Friday, December 19, 2008

Household pet under siege

This is the end of a chase across the house. The marauding baby has driven the beleaguered household pet to high ground.

This video is about a week old. He's been showing keen interest in the cat for a long time, and since he started scooting we've been running interference, and waiting for him to learn a lesson the hard way, just hoping he doesn't get scratched too badly. Well, yesterday James and Scout had a very interactive game of chase. Jae watched closely so she could intervene if it looked like James might get his eyes scratched out, but watched in wonder as the two hit it off.

James scooted up to Scout, and she waited until he was close enough to get a hand on her. She then moved off a few feet, and flopped on her side, her invitation to play. She waited till he got close enough for him to get a hand on her, then moved a few feet further and flopped. I guess this continued for awhile. He got hold of her tail once, and she didn't like that, but she batted at him without extending her claws, I think until Jae rescued her.

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