Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resolution 2012

I have decided on a New Year's resolution for 2012. Over half the books I read will have been written by women. This blog has fallen into disuse. I will use it to track the books I read in 2012. Since I read mostly Fantasy and SciFi, I will be relying heavily on the Galactic Suburbia Podcast for recommendations. Recommendations always welcome.


Matt Dick said...



Matt Dick said...

Barbara Hambly has written more series than most writers have written books. Some of her stuff is very good and most of it is at least very interesting.

I love Melanie Rawn's opus work the Dragon Prince series. If I recall you read the first and were just so-so on it.

Of course Ursula K. Le Guin is a master and I've enjoyed everything I've ever read of hers.


Josh Gentry said...

Cool. Which series of Hambly would you suggest? I don't recall if I tried the Dragon Prince.

Yep, I have read several Ursula LeGuin books. She's one of my favorites.

Matt Dick said...

Beth introduced me to:

The Darwath Trilogy

The Time of the Dark (1982)
The Walls of Air (1983)
The Armies of Daylight (1983)

These are pretty engaging, as I recall.


The Windrose Chronicles

The Silent Tower (1986)
The Silicon Mage (1988)
Dog Wizard (1993; Locus award nominee, 1994)
Stranger at the Wedding/Sorcerer's Ward (1994)
Firemaggot (2010, an original short story available on Hambly's website.)

I think Beth recently read Firemaggot.

And I think Beth really liked the vampire series:

James Asher, Vampire Novels

Those Who Hunt The Night / Immortal Blood (UK title) (1988; Locus award winner for Best Horror Novel in 1989)
Traveling With The Dead (1995; Locus award nominee, 1996, winner of the Lord Ruthven award, 1996)
Blood Maidens (2010)


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