Friday, January 13, 2006

Narrowing Down theiPod Case Options

I have it narrowed down to these two:




shadowfax said...

Nylon, for sure.


Holly said...

The importance of context... So I was reading your blog and had failed to read the title, diving directly into this post:

I have it narrowed down to these two:



Needless to say I went directly back to the title to see exactly what was being referred to because there was no way I could see you blogging about the various things that went racing through my mind in a matter of those few seconds...

Anonymous said...

Leather, i'm all about the leather.


Josh Gentry said...

Have you ever had to make up your mind? I initially leaned toward the leather, and its still a tough choice. I'm going to go with the nylon for these reasons.

A. It is probably more likely to keep fitting in my coat pocket (less bulky).

B. The strap for the earbuds is a big plus.

C. I think it might be more protective.

D. I like the flip cover of the leather one, but I don' think I want the belt clip.

E. They are only $30. I can buy the other later if I change my mind.

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