Saturday, January 28, 2006

What I've Learned About Fashion

My fashion IQ is low. I've been slowly picking up best practices. What I've learned so far:

A. Don't wear brown shows with dark pants.
B. Belt is good.
C. Shoes and belt should match (get a reversable one, black/brown)
D. Other things being equal, solids are more formal than checks or stripes.
E. Other things being equal, black is more formal.
F. Some of your clothes should fit, rather than being baggy (doesn't mean tight)
G. Try to find pants that flatter your ass. That usually means looking in a mirror when trying them on.
H. My wife is right.


christian f said...

So much for "ignorace is bliss". Now I need to pay attention to my belt and shoe color. Thanks alot, Josh!

Of course, I get alot of milage out of fashion practice H, with the caveat that my wife is right.

Cool Hand Luke said...

G. Undershirts are necessary under white dress shirts.

Josh Gentry said...

Christian --

Yes, H could have been written, "Your wife is right." Hey, if she's never mentioned the shoe/belt thing, you can probably ignore it.

Luke --

How could I forget the undershirt? I think its because I wear one under almost everything, now. It's like putting on socks.

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