Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Idle Chatter

Journals are individual. It's part of their essence. For this blog, I have chosen to avoid the daily ramble. Nothing wrong the daily ramble, and I enjoy it when other people do it, its just not what I'm doing with this blog. Except today I am.

I'm lunch. That's a fun typo. I mean, either, "I'm at lunch", or, "I'm lunching." I shouldn't admit to using the second. Strunk and White would not approve of the verb->into->noun. I brought a copy of ;Login with me. Its the publication of USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association. Looks like a good issue. I just couldn't do it. Not in the mood to focus and think.

Ala the magic that is the iPod, I am listining to Josh Ritter's new song, Thin Blue Flame. I'm listening to it over and over, which is the most elequant review I can give it. At 10 minutes long, of course, I can listen for long time without repeating it much. I'm surprised to find I've never blogged about Josh Ritter. I wrote these awhile ago, reviews. After that we saw him live. I guess I only gushed about that in email. My prediction, he's a star just over the horizon about to go nova.

I'm drinking Dragonwell, eating strawberries and listening to Josh. Do I really have to go back to integrating the systems of 3 ISP's?

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