Saturday, February 25, 2006

Use Your iPod for backups

Small technology tip in the personal blog today. Backups for laptops are a cronic problem. I've started backuping up key files from my laptop to my iPod. Its a multi-gig portable harddrive, after all.


Carlos said...

I have an external 250GB firewire drive that I use for backups, since my 30GB iPod is full nearly to capacity.

On an iPod related note, what Podcasts do you listen to? Have you heard "The Signal?" In addition I subscribe to Science Friday, Pottercast, and recently added MacCast. I love the Podcast idea, and I'm looking into finding more interesting podcasts to add to my subscriptions.

Josh Gentry said...

I haven't really started podcasts, yet. I have listened to the occasional random one, and I really like the idea, I just haven't gotten to subscribing to any yet.

Josh Gentry said...

The talking stuff I have listened to has been from

matt dick said...

I listen to scipod, the podcast, which is very good.

I also have listened to but one radio free burrito, and it was really enjoyable.

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