Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bragging, part I

Last night was the opening of the New Mexico Masterworks show. It is an interesting show. New Mexico is a big art state, and its not surprising I guess that you have some fragmentation. There are the state art societies, like the New Mexico Watercolor Society, the New Mexico Pastel Society, there are the galleries, there are various annual shows, there are amatures and professionals. The Masterworks show brings a lot of those elements together in a way that doesn't happen much the rest of the year. It only started a couple years ago, but its quality and popularity is up every year.

All this is really to say that Jae was awarded Best of Show for Masterworks 2006.

Note: OK, that's weird. If you google for New Mexico Masterworks and click onthe ABQJournal link, you see the article. If you click on the link to that page above, you get the page that says you have to be logged in.


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Cool Hand Luke said...

That is awesome! Pass on my best to Jae.

shadowfax said...

Cool indeedy! Congrats and well wishes.

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