Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bragging, part II

Jae has a one person show at Weems gallery that officially opened today and runs to the end of the month. I say officially, because as they've been hanging the the pictures this past week, they've been selling them. Jae painted 20 new paintings for this show. As of 1pm today, 19 had sold.

You can see a picture of a portion of the wall-o-Jae at the gallery, and poor photos I took of my 2 favorite pictures in the show:


nick l. said...

I bet that's very exciting to be selling them so fast! I really like the one that's in the center of the gallery, with the red dress. The colors are so vibrant.

Cool Hand Luke said...

Jae rocks.

Jill O said...

WOW! You have an amazingly talented wife, Josh! The paintings are truly wonderful. Three cheers for swift sales!

shadowfax said...

Damn, I would like to own one of those. I should have bought when she was still obscure. I suspect she's out of my price range now.

Though I can console myself that I do own an original Drummond . . . a wedding gift which hangs on our bedroom wall.

say, Josh, who does the framing? It's really nicely done, as well.

Josh Gentry said...

Nick, that picture, titled "Salome", is my favorite of the new batch. It's a farily large painting which increases its impact in real life.

Luke, you summed it up.

Jill, nice to hear from you. You have good taste in art :-) Swift sales, indeed. Jae was giving a demo to the New Mexico Watercolor Society on monday, and when asked how she new a painting was done, she replied, "When the check clears."

Liam, I believe a 16 X 20 original is in the $750-$800 range, framed. Unframed is less expensive. Jae does most of the framing. To tell the truth, I had forgotten about the wedding gift. Cool.

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