Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anna Rocks

My sister Anna just graduated from Loyola University Chicago. She graduated with two majors, a minor, and she graduated Cum Laudi. I think she got some of the drive I was supposed to get. I got to go for the graduation, and Anna let me crash at her place. She graciously let me have her room, and took the couch. She's nicer than me, too. I guess I was a practice child :-)

Anna is 13 years younger than me, so I left home when she was pretty young. I haven't seen her a bunch as an adult. Got to hang out with her. She, Nick and I had beers at Hamilton's. She, Nich (Nick?), Krista and I walked around Belmont. She and I had sunday brunch at a diner. I like her. I knew that, but now I know it more.

I had not met Nick, and I am predisposed to be critical, him dating my little sister and all. Nick is cool. I like Nick.

I liked everybody :-) It was also great to see my brother Luke, my niece Julia, and my Mom and Dad.

But it was Anna's weekend. Anna rocks.


AnnieBgood said...

Hey Josh,
I like you, too.

Cool Hand Luke said...

I don't really like either of you. I just tolerate you because you are my siblings.

nick l. said...

Whew! Josh-test... passed!

You are cool as well. I should gather up links of my favorite artists for you to check out since you have that Pop Surrealism book. Just because!