Saturday, May 27, 2006

new scribbling

I occasionall scribble. Some of it is posted on my website. If you go to that index and look at the bottom, you'll see, _Patricia Thirdday and the Citrus Sorrow_. That's a new little thing. Its a PDF.


Cool Hand Luke said...

Sweet. I don't want Patricia solving my problems, no matter how effective she may be. I'm glad to hear that "scribbling" is still a part of your life. Very cool.

JimII said...

I really dig stuff like that. I like just dropping in and being out before I can catch my bearing. I have a friend who writes super efficient slice of life poetry that I also like. Very nice.

Josh Gentry said...

Scribbling is still occasionally part of my life. I'm trying to make time for it again.

Jim, I really like that kind of thing. I am thinking of a series of Patricia Thirdday stories.