Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Human," she said.

Some of my co-workers were good naturedly giving each other a hard time today, calling each other names, and one ended it by calling the other, "human." You know, it went something like:

"Asshole," she said.




"Oh, that was good," he said.

Really rang true later in the day when we were having a little office soap opera. Sigh.


matt dick said...

Every time I read the title to this post I have this running in my head:

"Human," she said, and smiled in her special way...

And then I want you to die because I have that tune in my head.



nick l. said...

My friends from high school and I would always exclaim, "FOOLISH MORTAL!" (in a deep and diabolical voice) whenever one of us did something by accident. I still do it every now and then too.