Friday, July 07, 2006


As my last post shows, I've been thinking about what we do with our lives. A little belated, perhaps. My last post might suggest I think you are failing if you aren't a CEO or something. Not true. I just never really considered that I might be a CEO. That mental bound is what I was thinking about.

An example of folks who I think are admirable, even American heros, are my parents. They are both teachers in small town public schools. Public education, including for the rural and the poor, is one of the great triumphs of modern society. It's a hard, important job, and they make an daily impact on the lives of their students.

There is a lot of talk about how important education is, and its true. It is a foundation of commerce, of equal opportunity of outcome, of a public capable of deciding who its leaders should be, in short, what's great about the United States.

I have a friend, Pat Barton, who owns and runs a Montessori school. It's a little different, right. It's private, people who think about it and choose and who can afford it, or choose to sacrifice for it, send their kids there. It provides a market based alternative. Another great thing about America. On top of thet, Pat is a small business owner who creates jobs for teachers. Another American hero.

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