Friday, July 14, 2006


One of the guys I work with, known around the office as, Babs, is a wildcard. What do I mean by that? He's one of those rare people who, even after you have known them for years, still frequently surprises you.

For example, yesterday there was a discussion going on about snakes and spiders as pets. Babs walked in and started spewing information on the topic. I was trying to decide how much of it he was making up, when he said:

Babs: "Damn, I miss my boa. We used to go on drives all the time."

Josh: "You what?"

Babs: "I'd put him up on the dash and take him for drives all the time. Damn I miss that."

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JimII said...

I desperately admire people like that. I am about as not like that as any person could be.

Oh to be complicated and interesting, like Mike Fosler or Winona Ryder.

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