Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Josh's Summer Reading

I'm on a roll. I guess its the summer reading thing. Having fun.

I have discoverd Phillip K. Dick. I started with _Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep_, and I am currently reading _A Scanner Darkly._ This man can do trippy. You know how lots of people TRY to do trippy, and fail, an then it's pathetic. Oh, you were trying for trippy, cool (not). But this man can do trippy.

In between those I read _The Dilbert Principal_. I'm a manager in a tech company these days. A tiny tech company rather than a huge one, but it still has a different resonance than it did before.

Yesterday I picked up _Invisible Cities._ Been wanting to read that one for a long time, so I'm excited. And today I received _The Devil in the White City_, and I have a bunch of expectation built up for this one. It's the story of the World's Fair in Chicago told through the lives of 2 real men, the architect who built the White City, and a serial killer who used the Fair as a hunting ground. This is true story.

And on the total fluff side, Jae and are reading several books by Garth Nix. They are fantasy books found in the children's or young adult section. He has a gift for creating worlds. He only gets into trouble when he tries to tell part of a story in the "real" world.


AnnieBgood said...

Nick is pretty into Phillip K. Dick. I think it started when I had to watch Blade Runner for a class, so he has read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I have been interested in A Scanner Darkly recently due to the movie coming out.
Let me know how The Devil in the White City is. I really want to read that one.

matt dick said...

_We'll Remember it for You Wholesale_ is what "Total Recall" was based on, and as the movie indicates, it is indeed a rabbit-hole of a book.

Philip K. Dick was a bizarre person.


JimII said...

"Yesterday I picked up _Invisible Cities._ Been wanting to read that one for a long time, so I'm excited."

I read this for a Lit class in college. I really enjoyed it. Is seemed crisp and enjoyable. I relate in to springtime. (Surely because the class was spring semester.) I believe you recommended Einstein's Dreams to me, which is a, hmmm, parody is wrong, but based on the theme of _Invisible Cities_.

I'm reading mostly non-fiction this summer. I am really inspired by Jim Wallis' _God's Politics_ and am trying to finish _The Tipping Point_. I also reread _Zen in the Art of Archery_ in preparation for deliverying a sermon this Sunday.

Josh Gentry said...

Anna, I'm about a third of the way through _The Devil in the White City_, and its really good. Matt, I haven't picked up an short story collections of Mr. Dick yet, but I have heard that I should.

Jim, yep, I recommended _Einstein's Dreams_ to you. It is definately modeled on _Invisible Cities_. Both are really good books.

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