Wednesday, September 27, 2006

next song

Well, I shouldn't call it a song, 'cause I can't write music. But I'm musing about my next lyrics. Very different tone than "Hold on Real Tight." The embryonic form:

No you don't really know me
And you don't really care
'Cause I drive an expensive car
And I've got executive hair
You know I can provide what's needed
If I'm lacking what is nice
something something leads into

I'll be the sun in your eyes when you're driving
The popcorn between your teeth
The rain on your car when you've washed it
Your TV when you've lost the remote


But I've got the sperm and the cash
He's got it

For the chorus I'm hearing a kind of call-and-response with a female chorus.

I have to give Jae credit for the phrase, "the sperm and the cash."

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