Monday, October 30, 2006

6 word stories

Wired magazine recently asked leading sci-fi and horror writers to contribue 6 word stories for publication. The results are great fun, and you can read these Very Short Stories on the web.

I've been writing lately about how And the Ass Saw the Angel is becoming about storytelling. Jae and I thought the idea such fun that we decided to try some 6 word stories ourselves. I'm going to post our best so far. I also encourage you to contribute your 6 word stories in the comments for this post.

Is the safety on? Guess not.

She wore opals for a living.

Jae and I together penned the next one.

Uncle Stumpy was just too slow.

And Jae authored:

Sirens wail. Always wear opaque stockings.

Post your masterpieces in the comments.

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