Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A giant stumbles

We were at Jeri's having lunch. I was having the chicken chef salad, my new standard lunch, and Jae was having an egg salad sandwich. It was all on my tab. I'm a regular, you see, and I have a tab. Jeri's is that kind of place.

The TV behind the counter was on, as it usually is if Jeri is blasting spanish or christian music. It was early for lunch, so the news was on instead of soap operas. I wasn't facing the TV, but a segement caught my ear. The AOL call center in Albuquerque was closing. It meant the loss of 900 jobs, and the closing would be in December, just weeks before Christmas. I tried to hide my smile. Craning around to see the TV, I saw the news footage of stunned employees milling around in front of the call center, and I refrained from pumping my fist in the air.

I work at a local Internet service provider. AOL has long been the 900 pound gorilla of ISP's, and in its conception, style and operation, is the antithesis of everything I believe an ISP should be. Not only that, but it makes life hell for other ISP's that interact with it as part of the Internet, especially us small fry.

As we were walking back to my place of employment, it was sunny, the air was crisp, and the leaves were all gold on the trees. Jae, even more beautiful than usual, looked and me and remarked, "There's a spring in your step." Yep, and the giant stumbles.

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JimII said...

It is too bad that villagers have to be squashed when such giants fall.

Of course, they will find new work. And, maybe for some place better--if not for them as workers then at least for them as consumers. In the meantime, nobody starves.

Yeah. Way to go little guys. It is nice that the better product sometimes prevails.


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