Saturday, July 07, 2007

3rd St. Arts, Albuquerque

In, House Concerts Rule, I wrote about my first trip to 3rd St. Arts. Jae goes sometimes for the life drawing, also. Those folks do a great thing for the community with 3rd Street Arts.

Last night we saw local Jenny Gamble, backed by Fitch (short for fiddle b**ch), AKA, Ben Jones. Really enjoyed them. For my money, Ben was the most talented person upfront last night. His solo was the highlight.

The headliner was Wendy Colonna. She was good. She can write a song, and she can sing.

Found website for the opening band of the first show we saw there.

Minie Gonzalez Band


JimII said...

Sounds like a good time. How often do you guys "go out" on the weekends? We've been trying to do so more often, but it easy to lose track of among the work, family & church committments.

Josh Gentry said...

We have "date night" every week, usually saturday night, since that is the beginning of our weekend. When we go to the 3rd street arts concerts, that's a friday night. We try to "go out" for the majority of date nights, but sometimes we'll get takeout and watch a movie at home, or read on the patio.

I'm sure this is much easier to do without kids. You guys also seem to schedule yourselves to a degree I find insane. It has gotten a little harder for us now that we are both taking a class at community college.

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