Monday, July 02, 2007

Be hip, be a Daytrotter

When I read about, it partly caught my attention because its based in Rock Island, IL. It's part of the underground, man, the revolution against the corporate media overloards. Some subversive types have scavaged recording equipment and put together a studio. Little known bands travelling through stop and record a 4 song live set. The songs go up on

The ultimate question will be, is the music good. I've just scratched the surface of the music there. I've found some stuff I liked. I haven't been blown away. The idea, the gestalt, though, its wonderful.


JimII said...

I'm with you in that it seems like a very cool idea. Kind of the coolest thing the internet has to offer.

Josh Gentry said...

oooh, ooooh, they have 4 unreleases Jolie Holland tunes. Gold. Gold.

Jolie Holland

Josh Gentry said...

Anna, in the write up about the Jolie Holland recording session, there is an Arrested Development reference.

JimII said...

I liked the first Jolie Holland song, but was not crazy about the one about Bellingham. It sounded a little silly. Maybe after the first one I was expecting a more soulful type sound.

Anna said...

A.D. Sweet!

Josh said...

Jim, I'm glad you liked the first one. Try "Honey Girl."


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