Saturday, August 25, 2007

Most beautiful book

I had a journal that I scribbled in, things like "Fierce Friend". I left it out in the rain. You'd think that would be hard in the desert, but I managed.

I went to Barnes and Nobles on lunch looking for a replacement. They had these. There was one out of the package that you could handle. It was one of the most beautiful objects I've ever held.
Roma Lussa Leather Journal, hand bound in Italy. I came so close, but alas, I'm a little frugal. They had something similar style, the made in China version, for a third of the price. That's what I got, and its quite nice. I'd be thrilled with it if I'd never picked this one up. Sometime when I deserve a treat, perhaps I'll gift it to mysel.


Anna said...

That is beautiful.

JimII said...

I find that having nice tools encourages you to use them.

Josh Gentry said...

Anna, I knew you would appreciate.

Jim, you are right. As I said, the one I got is quite nice. Then again, maybe I should just run with this rationalization for getting the best.

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