Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Paul Harvey lives (and still broadcasts)

On the drive to work this morning I accidentally switched the radio to AM, and was immediately sucked into a time warp. Paul Harvey's voice, a little wavery but undeniably him, came through loud and clear. I had no idea he was still broadcasting. I don't think I've heard him since I was in my teens.

Interesting show he does. The blend of news, commentary, and folksy charm is so unlike media of today.

You can hear him on the Net.



Matt Dick said...

I believe he remains the most syndicated show on radio.

He certainly is the most syndicated show historically.

JimII said...

I have very positive associations with The Rest of the Story. Definitely a midwest kid thing.

I heard him doing some political commentary that I was not as fond of.

Carlee (wilablog's wife) said...

I've thought more about Paul Harvey this month than I have in years! I heard this story on npr a couple of weeks ago, and when I read your post, I thought you might find this interesting...


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