Monday, August 06, 2007

New Patricia Thirdday Story

I have another website. Occupational hazzard. There is both the old and the new Patricia Thirdday story at


JimII said...


These are really amazing. I really feel like I'm being dropped into the middle of action, yet the story has a clear arch in spite of being one page long.

I love the language. There is something that reminds me of Douglas Adams, but definitely not a parody.

Funny, one story about juicing, the other about distilling, that is what these seem like to me. Like a concentrated essence of something larger. I don't want or need the something larger, though.

I really enjoyed both of them.

Josh said...

Jim, you are the perfect audience. That's exactly what I'm shooting for. That and laughing out loud. Thanks.

Anna said...

Lots and Lots of laughing out loud. You totally got there on this draft by the way. I will write more later (stupid work - expecting me to do library stuff - bah).

Josh Gentry said...

Anna, thanks for the feedback during the draft stage.

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