Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ben's picture, not mine

Future Roadkill?, originally uploaded by benrobertsabq.

My neighbor Ben and I went "shooting" as they call it, Easter morning. Ben introduced me to the Albuquerque/Santa Fe Flickr Meetup group. Fascinating case of the Internet bringing together local folks. And fun, fun, fun. Folks in the group go shooting together, in groups as small as 2, and in much larger groups. This was my first meetup as part of the group, though it was just Ben and I. He made the perilous trip across the street to meet me at home. We strolled down to UNM, taking pictures on the way, chatting about photography, picking up some coffee, and then spending an hour or so wondering around campus and taking pictures.

Ben's title for this picture is, "Future Roadkill?" Oh, that's me in the picture.


JimII said...

I enjoy the foreshadowing in the picture from the previous picture. That is, the foreshadowing of how all this aimless walking around with your buddy and your camera shit is about to come to a screaching halt.

Josh Gentry said...

Spoken like a true family man. I'm not happy about that part.

JimII said...

I guess sometimes, my honesty has a certain brutal quality to it.

Anna said...

You look like a Gentry in it. Something about your head reminds me of Granpda and Dad.

Josh Gentry said...

Photography is my escape. There will be new constraints on my time, but I hope to keep it that way.

Anna, I thought so, also. Maybe its just that so many Gentrys are bald :-)

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