Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Teammates, originally uploaded by Josh Gentry.

Nathan's Network teammates at the Albuquerque shaving, 2008. Jae and I shaved at this one in Albuquerque. Jim, who was in Chicago for the shaving on Friday, shaved in Phoenix on Saturday, and traveled with his family to Albuquerque to attend the shaving here on Sunday. It meant a lot to us that they were here, since we couldn't make it to the Chicago shaving.

The Albuquerque event raised about $38,000. Thanks to you guys, Jae and I combined were somewhere over $3,000 of that. You all have done a good thing you can be proud of, helping to save the lives of children.

The Albuquerque event had a lot of attendance and a lot of spirit. In the face of some harsh wind, I will add. Jae's parents also attended and put up with the wind. Priscilla took the pictures. There are several more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshgentry/sets/72157604136089957/.

Nathan's Network, as of today, has raised $36,834.50. The support for us, the shavees, the honoring of Nathan, the help for the kids who can still be cured, you donors humble us. Thank you.

A shout out to those who shaved and attended in Chicago, especially my sister Anna, and my parents. Wish we could have been together this weekend.

And I have to mention Liam. Everyone in the team contributed and I'm proud of each (such as my 9 months pregnant wife), but Liam has so far raised over $16,000. You rock, man.

Notice I have said, "so far," a few times. Pledges are still being accepted.


Anna said...

You guys look great.

Josh said...

Looking at this picture, I'm thinking Jim so needs an earing.

JimII said...

Is that what you're thinking Jim needs? I was thinking what Jim needs is a more favorably cropped photograph that stops at the about the midchest, or perhaps some self control in the vacinity of high fat and high sugar foods. But, yeah, I guess an earring would be good too.

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