Friday, December 28, 2007

Josh's new interest

I seem to be interested in photography. I've started playing with Jae's analogue, manual 35 mm camera. I've also gotten interested in alternative photography, like Polaroid and pinhole cameras. Yesterday I read about fstops, and I have 2 books on constructing and using pinhole cameras on the way. I'm fascinated you can get pictures like this with a cardboard box with a hole in it.


Matt Dick said...

The best cameras in the world are essentially small boxes with holes in them.

Josh Gentry said...

And in this case I'm talking exactly a small box with a hole in it.

What are these "best cameras in the world" you speak of?

Matt Dick said...

All cameras are just dark boxes with a recording medium in them. You let in a little light and you have a picture. The lenses matter, but they're all the same.

What kind of manual camera do you have? I have a Pentax K1000. In getting my current super-duper camera, one of the two main considerations was that it was one of the very few serious digital cameras that could be used in a fully-manual mode.

Josh Gentry said...

All cameras are just dark boxes with a recording medium in them

I thought that's what you meant. The difference with pinhole cameras is there in no lens. I guess divorcing the idea of lens from camera is the big cognitive leap for me.

What kind of manual camera do you have?

Yashica FX-3 Super 2000. I couldn't tell you how it compares to other cameras, although it gets good reviews online. I believe Jae's sister, Rachek, gave it to Jae when she went digital. It's an all mechanical, no frills device.

Lens is ML 50 mm 1:1.9.

Josh Gentry said...

I have a Pentax K1000

Reading about it, sounds similar to Jae's Yashica. They were good performance for the price when new, and have a reputation for being durable and reliable.

What makes your super-duper camera super-duper?

Matt Dick said...

My current camera takes all my 30 year-old glass (lenses from the K1000), and unlike most digital SLRs it goes fully-manual.

Josh Gentry said...

Yes, Matt, that does sound like a badass digital camera.

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