Monday, December 03, 2007

Wonderfully Weird Jenny Lewis

This post is partly to satisfy my curiosity about the weird stuff you can find on YouTube, and partly for my brother Luke, who is a Jenny Lewis fan.

The interesting editorial decisions for this post were what order to put the videos in. At first I thought I'd start with the official Jenny Lewis weirdness of one of her videos, but I decided this video from Steve Paul's Puppet Music Hall should lead off.

Now, the video for "Rise Up With Fists."

For pure bizarre, clip of Rilo Kiley, a band of which Jenny Lewis is a member, watching the Paris Hilton sex tape. What's mostly weird about this is that it exists on YouTube.

This one isn't weird. Its here for Luke because, well, she's sexy. Oh, and the moment at the end where one of the Watson Twins breaks out the harmonica. Audio isn't good, so don't expect it to be.


Luke said...

Sweet. I was literally just listening to Rilo Kiley and reading a Jenny Lewis interview. I'll take a look.

Luke said...

Great stuff. I hadn't seen the puppet clip. Definitely weird. Love the "Handle Me with Care" clip. Jenny is in fine form on that one, and I dug the Watson Twin with the harpoon too. Great stuff.

Josh said...

Glad you liked. I seriously dig th puppet clip.

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