Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Polaroid Kid

More photos from Mike Brodie, AKA, The Polaroid Kid.

Mike Brodie
Self Portrait // 2005


JimII said...

See, this is why photography is art. It is amazing that someone can create such compelling images with such simple equipment.

I mean, I guess that is always true, but it seems like a camera is doing more of the work than a pencil. Maybe not so.

Josh said...

A camera is a tool. So is pencil and paper. Takes different knowledge and skill to use both. I admit I have a hierarchy where I think pencil (or paint brush) requires greater skill, but there is definately art photography.

I think Brodie's really good. I have discovered there is a healthy body of polaroid photography and polaroid enthusiasts out there. There is a brisk trade of certain Polaroid camera models on Ebay, and there are sites like this:



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