Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Daniel Abraham Interview

Daniel Abraham- Self-promotion. Not really my strong suit.

I'd say it's worth buying because it's a good set of characters in an interesting, morally complex world. I've done everything I know to make the ride fun and memorable, and besides it gives you all the back-story for Winter Cities, and that book's even better.

Daniel Abraham is a talented young writer and a friend. For those reasons, plus the fact he's got new work coming out and its a tough career to get rolling, I'm doing my bit to promote his stuff.

Not long ago I linked to an interview of Daniel. Today I found another good one. Looks like Daniel is a good interview. Having had many dinner conversations with him, I'm not surprised. This interview also links to a review of the book by the interviewer (8 out of 10).

A few highlights from the interview.

Daniel Abraham-

A Shadow in Summer is a high fantasy set in an Asiatic milieu where captive spirits are used to drive trade and replace military protection. When one of these spirits conspires with a rival nation, a handful of men and women have to come together to champion right, save their city, and prevent genocidal slaughter. Pick two.


Jay Tomio- You thank Connie Willis for giving you the first advice on the book. What was that advice, and whom would you identify as those who influence your own work?

Daniel Abraham- Her words were "Start with someone getting hit in the head."

Let me know if you want to borrow a copy.


JimII said...

I have it, but it is still in the Amazon cardboard on our kitchen table. Last night I watched Two and a Half Men when I could have been reading it. Oh the shame.

Josh Gentry said...

I have it, but it is still in the Amazon cardboard on our kitchen table.

Sweet! Looking forward to your take on it.

Luke said...

I'll probably be reading it again soon in prep for the second book in the series. I got my copy in the mail. Thanks!

Anna said...

I really want to read these. I will have to order them sometime this summer.

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