Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What is a fritter?

On the way into work today, I said something about frittering away money. Jae wondered out loud of that use of "fritter" was related to the noun, "fritter." Which led us to the conversation of what is a fritter, and where do you get them.

Jae said she thought a fritter was defiantly fried. I said I had the impression it was a pastry, and that it might sometimes be one of these wonderful manifestations of meat pastries. According to Wikipedia, the definition is broad enough that we were both right about all that.

A fritter is any kind of food coated in batter and deep fried.

Another definition is a type of hole less donut. That's what fritters are. As to where you get them, that depends on what part of the definition you are going with. I think an investigation of fritters available in the Albuquerque area is in order.


JimII said...

I believe you can only get them at county and state fairs. I think it's a law.

Anna said...

My friend April use to make me corn fritters for dinner in high school when I helped her babysit. I LOVED them.

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