Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cohen/Buckley branch

In previous posts I talked about 2 main branches of the interpretation of the Cohen song, Hallelujah. Those branches stemming from the John Cale and Jeff Buckley versions of the song. This post is about the Cohen/Buckley branch.

After hearing some much about Buckley's version, and acknowledging how good it is, and forming this opinion that there were these 2 branches of interpretation, I'm now having trouble finding (on YouTube) recognized professionals doing versions that fall in the Buckley branch. Sheryl Crowe does one. Jim likes it, but I don't. Perhaps what Buckley did is just harder. This shortened version by Imogen Heap isn't bad, and I think its clearly a descendant of Buckley's version.

Among lesser known musicians, and outright amateurs, generally younger folks, this version is king. Most can get either the guitar or the singing OK, but putting both together is tough. Some of them do a good job, and some aren't so good, but they do their best to stay true to Buckley. I enjoy both of these.

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JimII said...

For what it's worth, the first time I listened to the Sheryl Crowe version, I didn't like it. Then I saw someone describe it as "perfect," which I thought was really weird because I had thought it sucked. Then I listened again and liked. (But not as much as I liked Picture with her and Kid Rock. So, that should help anyone who doesn't know me calibrate how little authority I have on such things.)

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