Monday, May 14, 2007

A Shadow in Summer

Daniel Abraham's _A Shadow in Summer_ was published in 2006, and I'm willing to bet it was one of the more interesting Fantasy books published that year. It can't be ignored that this novel is genre fiction, and so the first thing that's interesting about it is what it is not. As one Amazon reviewer says, "If you're looking for escape to a fantasical world of ripe-roaring adventure, it ain't here." The book unfolds slowly, revealing an impressively believable and familiar world, a world where the economic impact of magic is paramount. A world peopled with , well, people, but these characters have more interesting lives than your neighbors.

The Characters. That's what is magical about this book for me. Abraham's characters are the most real and provocative folks I've met recently. For me, the two best and most real characters in the book are an aging business woman, and the Andant. There is some irony in the fact that the Andant is not real at all. He's a magical construct, and how deliciously constructed he is.

If you follow the link above to Amazon you can read part of the prologue. In the next couple days I plan to post some favorite excerpts.

I have couple loaner copies of the book. I'll be glad to mail you one, on request. I will ask that when you are done with it, you either ship it back to me or the next borrower.


Luke said...

A Shadow in Summer was a really good book. I may have to re-read it though before the second one. It has been too long and I forget too many details.

JimII said...

I just ordered it from Amazon. I hope I'll have time to read it, which I may because it will be quite different from the stack of books in my wish I could read pile. (If not, I'll have made a donation to a friend of a friend, and you can't beat that.)

Josh Gentry said...

Awesome, Jim! I won't pretend this isn't my goal. I hope you can make some Summer reading time for it. The 2nd book comes out this summer :-)

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