Thursday, May 17, 2007


One day last week I looked up from my desk at work, and leaning in the doorway was this knockout redhead who said, "This is the woman you're sleeping with tonight."

This picture is a snapshot taken in a poorly lit hallway at work, so it doesn't do the makeover full justice, but you get the idea. It was to get a picture of Jae, but my expression is telling. She looked enough different to make a difference. The sub-conscious is funny. I KNOW this is my wife, but welling up from just below consciousness is real unease. Facial recognition must be really important. She talks like Jae, walks like Jae, looks like Jae in every way except her head just isn't Jae's head. Weird.

She looked like a million bucks and it very much amused her, but I was relieved the next day when her hair was curly again. It was still red, yes, but once it curled she was much more recognizable.


JimII said...

Wow. I found it a little shocking and I've probably been in Jae's presence less than a dozen times.

So, are you allowed to like redheaded Jae? What if you like redheaded Jae too much? When her hair is blonde again, can you fantasize about redheaded Jae? Was this an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond?

It all seems very complicated to me.

Josh Gentry said...

So, are you allowed to like redheaded Jae?

Yes. I was encouraged, even. That day, when not only was her hair red, but it was straight and she had the lipstick, I couldn't do it. It was too weird. Now that her hair is curly, she's back to no makeup, and its been that way a few days, the weird is fading.

Was this an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond?

That's funny.

Matt Dick said...

Beth did that to me once -- very strange.

benrobertsabq said...

Funny. Nina did kinda the same thing. Straightened her hair and got some highlights. Not as extreme a difference (I honestly didn't recognize Jae in the photo at first) but I had much the same response.

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