Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Betty Bax George

Betty Bax George was a delightful woman for, I'd guess, well over 80 years. She died on tuesday.

I met her about a year ago. The Artists' Studios, a co-op of artist studios, had an open house. Jae and Betty shared a studio space. It was a hard day for Jae, she was ill and spent most of the time napping in the car and feeling terrible. Worked out well for me, however. I sat Jae's booth for her, and that's how I met Betty.

Jae and Betty's studio was in the back, a little isolated. We got some traffic, but we also got to chat. She was brilliant company. Once in a great while you meet a person who is a delight to talk to. That was Betty. There was nothing fake about Betty. She was warm but straightforward, no bullshit. During the open house, she hoped the crowd was moderate and the wine would keep flowing. She told me about being an RAF driver during WWII, and how they almost had to cancel her wedding to Bill, an American G.I., because of the invasion of Normandy. She adored her children, she missed her sisters in England. She loved to read and talk about books. She made some beautiful pictures. I never heard her complain about the arthritis that knarled her hands, or the oxygen she carried everywhere. I'm rambling, I can't "capture" her for you.

She and Jae liked each other well, and they saw each other often at the studio. After that open house, Jae and I would try to have lunch with Betty once a month, but we fell short. Our loss. I count myself lucky that I knew her for that year. We miss her, say true.


Cool Hand Luke said...

She sounds like a very neat woman that will be missed.

quiltersally said...

She was my Mother. Thank you, Josh, for such a great tribute. It's been a little more than a year since she passed away, but I still miss her a whole lot.

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