Thursday, March 23, 2006

Borrowed Words

I got born with a timebomb instead of a heart
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.


Cool Hand Luke said...

I know that lyric from a live cut of the song and he switches it to "...instead of a brain". I guess he can do that with his own songs, but it really switches up the meaning.

REK is the shit. He hasn't been in my rotation as much lately, but he is easily my favorite musician/performer.

Perhaps next January we will get to do the annual Josh's birthday show at the Grizzly Rose.

Josh Gentry said...

You made me a great Keen mix awhile back. This song is on that. Maybe, maybe.

Cool Hand Luke said...

I'm actually pretty bummed about an REK related thing. He is in Chicago on 4/20. I'm leaving Chicago in the afternoon of 4/20. I could have possibly caught an REK show with you and Matt. Probably too expensive to change up the flights. As Nathan would say, bummer.

AnnieBgood said...

Luke, hopefully you are leaving Chicago 5/20 - unless you are going to be here in April as well.

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